Tech Task No. 1

As a part of my ECMP355 class, I am to complete certain “tech tasks” by placing my answer onto my blog!

First of all, “who are you”?

Prior to discovering my interest in education, I was (and am) very interested in anything related to the visual arts. Drawing and painting, however, have been the main things I’m interested in. I enjoy the freedom that those mediums present – the arts are a universal language that I find fascinating. I’ve tried my hand at other mediums, though those are my favourites.

I’ve lived in Saskatchewan all of my life; the prairies and the colors are all large influences in the way I handle the world. In April this year, I traveled to Spain and toured around the country. I was amazed by the differences, and found that I would be very interested in travelling should the chance arise.

“What are your memories/experiences/frustrations with technology?”

My relationship with technology has been bitter-sweet. While I love the opportunities that technology creates, like digital art and instant communication, there are always problems that seem to pop up. Viruses and crashes, for example, have rendered many of my online endeavors useless. My school’s computers were very slow, never worked, and were ultimately useless – even the smartboards that were installed are largely considered unreliable.

“What are your initial thoughts on the use of technology in the classroom?”

If all goes well, and nothing crashes or fails, I think that technology would be a wonderful asset to a class – especially in an age where children are surrounded by it constantly! The world is changing, so forsaking technology is practically impossible. If possible, I think that using technology can/will present many new and engaging elements in everyday classrooms.


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