Tech Task No. 5

For my fifth tech task, I was instructed to dabble with the programs Scratch had to offer. In the end, I created this neat little game called Squishy the Squid. Voila!

The other option I could have went with was Codeacademy, and really get into the nitty gritty parts of coding. I’ve had past experience with HMTL, and a bit of CSS, so I have a faint grasp of how complicated it is. I think it is a fantastic thing, but very complicated. I have a friend who actually used CodeAcademy to learn how to do scripting with Java. He ended up making his own mini-calculator in-class, and finished his physics assignment in ten minutes. Needless to say, it was quite impressive. He’s also learning how to code videogames and other such things. I think its wonderful to have such knowledge! However, for the time being, I prefer Scratch’s simple interface.And, finally…

Any feedback for Squishy the Squid?


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