Learning Project: Baby Steps

For my ECMP355 class, I have chosen to undertake a Learning Project. For my first post about it, I’ll just start with listing some of the tools I will be planning on using. I’ll also include a basic sketch of a male model I’ve begun prior to undertaking this project, just to show whereabouts I am with my skillset.

Learning Project Banner

My goal is to be able to draw humans in an anatomically correct way at any time through my knowledge of the human figure. As of now, I am confident in many areas BUT human anatomy – Something I’ve always wished to change! I will be using traditional and digital media in the forms of my self-made sketchbook and my Wacom Tablet.

1). Foervraengd’s “Understanding Anatomy” tutorials, 1 through 7.

I found these tutorials online a long time ago. They are very in-depth, and are easy to understand. At the end of every tutorial segment, there are “homework” segments. Not only will I be completing those, but I will be duplicating some of the more major images in each segment. Very useful; I’ll be using these, primarily.

2) Posemaniacs: A complete catalogue of over 40,000 rotatable nude model poses in different angles.

This website was originally written in Japanese, so it was difficult to navigate. However, due to monthly donations, the creator has made a more English version! I will be using this tool quite a bit, too, towards the end of my learning project. There are over fourty thousand “nude” models.They feature some models of men, women, children, and bodybuilders. They also have a thirty second drawing tool, which I will be utilizing more later on. SUPER useful website!

3) A simple foreshortening tool.

I found this website more recently. It features an “AtarichanDrawer” tool that randomly generates stick models placed in foreshortened positions. This will be a wonderful exercise to complete later on in my project.

4) I am also considering Livestreaming some of my works.

I have always been interested in livestreaming my work. Some of the most influential artists, for me, livestreamed their drawings. I was able to watch their procedures and practices, which let me learn and grow. Perhaps, with some of my sketches, I may be able to livestream my creation of them. This is still up in the air, though; It will not be until later on that I’ll do this. I’ll give 1-2 weeks warning prior to a livestream of my work, if I do.

Here is my aforementioned muscle study:

White it may look accurate, I was using a model from Posemaniacs and tracing the main lines in Photoshop. I'd like to get away from having to trace the figure!

White it may look accurate, I was using a model from Posemaniacs and tracing the main lines in Photoshop. I’d like to get away from having to trace the figure!

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