Carpe Diem

If I’m going to be absolutely honest, I’m not close to a lot of my family members. Some of them I talk on the phone with occasionally; others, I only see at certain holidays. Few of them even have facebook; its hard to communicate with them.

However, one of my cousins run a blog, so I can keep up with her story. From what my mother has told me (since she is a cousin on my mother’s side, my mother knows her more), she was chosen straight out of high school to work under Bill Gates. She’s travelled all over the world, and done many amazing things.

The most amazing of which is how she handles her journey with stage four cancer….twice.

Recently, a project that she was involved with was the creation of a mini-documentary called “The Gift”. I find Shannon and her daughter/my cousin, Kayla, to be absolutely inspirational with their chosen “Carpe Diem” way of life.

Here is a link to Shannon’s blog, and more on her battle with cancer. I strongly urge you to read a bit on her and Kayla; they are absolutely incredible people.


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