Learning Project: Basic Body Proportions

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I’ve officially started my learning project, now. Using Foervraengd’s tutorials on DeviantArt, I started my project by taking a look at basic body proportions of a generic male body, and then a generic female body. The parts I find myself having the most trouble with are the head/shoulders, and the hips/thighs. For some reason, I just could not get it right for the longest time. Another thing I seemed to have problems with was the initial head shape. Until this point, I had always avoided human heads in general. I had no idea where to place what line. This was a good starting point! Note: There is mild nudity in the pictures I have drawn.

Next, I went into detail on human proportions and flexibility. One interesting discovery was that, if I used the sockets/joints as a center for a circle, I could predict where limbs should be. This is really helpful. One of my goals with this learning project is to be able to draw people in various poses, hopefully without a reference. Having this knowledge at my disposal is really useful, for that. While some of my sketches are a bit skewered, overall I understand things a bit better.

Things I’ve noted in this segment:
a)Men are 2.5 “heads” wide. Women are typically 2 “heads” wide.
b)Men’s belly buttons are 3 heads down from the top of the head. Women’s are in the middle of the fifth head down.

c)The waist for both men and women starts at the 5/6 head line.
d)Hands end at the 3/4 head line, about in the middle of the thigh.
e) The elbow is on the 5/6 head line; same as the waist.
f) The crotch is at approx. the 4/5 head line.
Ultimately, it was great practice to draw these figures as I have. I’m looking forwards to learning more from this project! The next segment covers different techniques to approaching the body proportions. With time, perhaps, drawing people will get easier.

Here are the rest of my sketches from this first segment:

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