Classroom Pets

During the week I had off from University, I spent a lot of time with my family’s three cats. They’re super sweet, and they each have their own personalities. If you take a moment to just think about pets in general, however, they’re actually quite strange. We let little furry animals live in our houses with us, and treat them like family members in some cases. How odd!

Photo Credit: digital_image_fan via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: digital_image_fan via Compfight cc

Thinking of pets made me wonder about pets in other places, like classrooms. My chemistry teacher had a couple of goldfish; my youngest brother’s grade six class had a hamster. He and his classmates loved the furry little thing; Students often volunteered to do the dirtier chores, like cleaning it’s cage and watching over it for the weekend. When I worked in a daycare, they had a pet mouse. My employer at the time told me that “Some daycares even get dogs for the kids to play with.” Once, they brought in baby chicks for a day, and the kids were super excited. But, what about the children who are allergic to certain animals? What happens to the pet then? Are classroom pets a good idea, or are they a problem best left to parents? I’m unsure, personally. I love animals, and children love them, too. For example, the baby chickens were great for introducing the daycare’s next theme about farm animals!

What is your opinion..? Should pets be a one-day thing? Or, is it better if they are in the classroom as a permanent resident?


One thought on “Classroom Pets

  1. I am unsure about this situation as well. I went to a speech therapist when I was younger and she had a fish. I absolutely loved this fish! She let me feed him at the beginning of every appointment. I am not sure if she allowed every child to do this (that poor fish), however, it is something I looked forward to, and was a huge reason I continued going to my therapist. I remember when I was in grade three, the teacher allowed every student to take home this stuffed animal dog for a few days. We were assigned certain things that we had to do with it, such as, read, homework or sleep. We also had to write about other activities where we brought the dog along with us. I loved it, I took such good care of that dog. I think having a pet in classrooms would be a neat idea. It would teach children how important it is to care for something, and it also bring happiness to the students everyday!

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