Lines in Animals (In other words, Cat Appreciation Post)

Though my first post featured my own dog, there are other lines within animals that I feel deserve a mention. Last September, my family decided to get two cats (Followed by the inevitable gaining of a third.) One of them passed recently, and my little brother had to choose a new cat. My mother and I often marvel at these furry little creatures, as they are so beautiful and interesting. Each of them have different kinds of markings that I find to be quite aesthetically pleasing. There are many animals with interesting patterns on their fur, scales, ect…But for this post, I will use my family’s three kitties for another case study.

First and foremost, Odie (originally Maggie) has some very distinct stripe patterns all over. His tail has exactly thirteen stripes – or so I’ve been told by my mother. It looks like a raccoon tail; the bands are very dark, while the rest of him is pale.

Then, there (was) Patches. Due to complications while she was getting spayed, she passed away. She had very interesting facial markings, however, and little white feet.

Eventually, my brother adopted another cat from the Regina SPCA. He kept her name as Mustachio, though our family generally calls her Moo-moo. Her face has a unique U shape of white around her nose, which gives her a permanent grin. She gets along with Odie and Abbey (not shown because she is pure black and too fast for simple phone cameras.) perfectly fine. Each of our cats have unique markings made by lines. How cute!


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