Guitar Introduction

Photo Credit: kimfaires via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: kimfaires via Compfight cc

For one of my university classes (EMUS202), one of the larger assignments for that class is to learn the guitar. When I first heard of this, I was both happy and anxious. In a previous semester, I had learnt how to play the recorder and how to read basic sheet music. I’d wanted to learn music for a long time, and it seems as though I’ll have to, in these classes. What an interesting assignment!
There will be class time to learn chords on guitar, though Denise is perfectly fine with us learning on our own time. We have to document our learning progress, so I will be recording my progress on here. I’ll be providing links to all of the materials that I use for reference later. It was recommended that we set goals, and then try to reach them periodically. I have no knowledge of guitar other than the ability to recognize them. Therefore, I have set the following goals:

Denise said that it was fine if our goals change, though, so I shall see how I progress.


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