Sore Fingers!

I’ve started my learning project, and I find that my fingers are getting sore. I’ve been warned about this, but now it’s especially prominent. I’m meeting several troubles as I’ve started playing on the guitar I’ve rented from the university. I’m finding it hard to bend my fingers into some of the positions required to play certain chords! My middle and ring finger are curved towards each other so that it’s hard to place them on frets that are farther apart. Additionally, I can’t move my hands as fast as I’d like. I’d like to be able to go fast to play what I think needs to be played. Its very frustrating.

On a more positive note, the things we cover in classes are very simple and fluid. I’ve also asked my boyfriend to help me learn to play guitar. He’s an extremely talented bassist, so he will be able to help me outside of class time.

I’ve found sheet music for the Morrowind theme and Santa Monica. My first attempts have been okay; I’ve started with the easier non-chord parts of the songs. I’m finding the Morrowind theme to be far easier than Santa Monica… I’m more familiar with it, and I enjoy finger-picking.

Altogether, things are going fairly well!


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