About Me

My Universal Picture of Me

I am a pre-service teacher, currently enrolled in my first year of Arts Education at the University of Regina. I grew up in Wynyard, a small town about two hours from any large city. I have a family of five, and am interested in becoming a teacher because of my past experiences. I’ve pre-interned at the McLurg Elementary school, with Cynthia Moore as my co-operating teacher. Throughout my high school experience, the visual arts department helped me express myself in positive ways. I wish to help students feel this connection as well, and channel their thoughts and ideas into positive ways.


I’ve lived in several places like Eastend, Canwood, and Wynyard, though I only really remember Wynyard as I was really young in those other towns. I have a mother, a father, and two little brothers. Throughout most of my teenage years, I watched over my brothers after school while my parents worked. I would help them with their homework whenever they asked, and drove them to and from school most of the time. I loved helping them with their homework, because seeing their faces light up after finally understanding the lesson was very rewarding. Eventually, my family bought the only flower store in town in 2011, and so I’ve worked there alternatively. Towards the end of high school, I got a job in the local Wynyardigans daycare for a couple of months. Working with the kids all day really showed me what it is to be a role model for the younger children. I really loved the job, and it was one of the biggest influences in my decision to become a teacher.


In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, reading, and writing stories. I won the Most Promising Visual Arts Student award in my school all three years it was available. In the past year, I have begun to appreciate teaching as a profession and lifestyle. In the past few months, I’ve really started to enjoy going to a classroom and being a part of that atmosphere. The students have a very fresh, pleasant energy that I’d like to help cultivate further. As of late, I’ve become interested in understanding the classroom environment and the components that create them, like racial diversity, classroom management, ect.

I also have a small business, Sideline Sketchbooks, in which I make custom books from scratch. I make sketchbooks and notebooks primarily, though I can make things like calendars and planners as well.


For the majority of my elementary and high school years, I attended Wynyard’s local schools of Wynyard Elementary School and Wynyard Composite High School. These schools are both very traditional schools, with the typical wooden desks and closed classrooms. I’ve attended the University of Regina as well, and am enrolled in the Arts Education program with the intention of getting a BEd (Visual arts as my major, english as my minor). I’m also considering enrolling in the three-year Bachelor of Arts program that is available to those in my program.


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