Is there a way to be completely unbiased culturally when teaching?

What a wonderful article about inclusive teaching! Definitely worth a read.

Taylor Hardy

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In response to the reading: Culturally Responsive Classroom Management.

I found this to be a very eye opening article. The reason this is, is because as much as I like to believe I am culturally unbiased, I kind of understand how impossible this is. To be completely abstain from favoritism and have a good understanding of all cultures is near impossible- although learning about the different cultures your students come from is very beneficial. One of the first things I had, not really learnt but reviewed, was about fully understanding “the self, the other, and the context”. What this means is knowing that no matter who you are, you have your own cultural identity that encompasses your “beliefs, biases and assumptions”. Knowing all the things you stand for will help you better understand those of others…such as your students’.

One of…

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Is Minecraft more than a silly game? (a great teaching tool?)

Minecraft is super popular amongst kids; give this blog a few moments, and you’ll see why. Excellent idea!

Taylor Hardy

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Wow. So I never would have guessed I would be writing about this topic since I initially hated Minecraft and had never understood why my brother enjoyed playing such a pixelated game; however, my thoughts are changing. I had initially googled Youtube as a great teaching resource but was surprised when an article about “Minecraft being the ultimate teaching tool”  came up. After reading the article and watching the video I got to thinking that maybe my opinion about the game had been wrong this whole time.

To explain, Minecraft is like a huge online lego game. You have your character who can build, harvest, dig, swim, and many other things. There isn’t a particular object to the game besides stay alive and have fun. There are certain challenges you can take on (like defeating a dragon), but really the game centralizes around…

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A Brief Review of Schoology: Tech Task #2

Lovely video review of “Schoology”. I’m definitely going to consider using this in future classrooms!

Mr. McLauchlin's Blog

For this task I decided to look at Schoology is a website/application that we can use to organize our classrooms, and course content. It is a place where our students can go to see everything relevant for the course in one place, and turn in assignments to that same place. All past assignments, and grades can be referenced for each student, by both the student and the instructor. The parents can also join the course and see the course material and the progress of their child.

I am new to Schoology, but I have used Edmodo, which is another application for creating a digital space for the classroom, throughout my internship. Schoology is very similar to Edmodo, in the sense you can add assignments, grades, tests, notes, PowerPoints, reminders and communications for the entire class. Schoology differs from Edmodo in the layout primarily but also in the way the Gradebook…

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