Prologue: Page Two

And suddenly, page two! We are introduced to a new character.

And suddenly, page two! We are introduced to a new character.

And then all of a sudden, page two is complete! I suppose I should pace myself more when creating these, but when it comes to my personal project, I enjoy it to a point where it is hard to stop myself. I’m finally becoming more comfortable with Photoshop! While the program has limitless possibilities, I was initially daunted by them all. Now, however, I feel as though I have a more focused aim when working with it, and I know what to do in order to achieve the look I want. During the creation of the second page, I tried to refine my ability by experimenting with bounce lighting, contrast, and colour theory/mood. I feel as though I was more successful with this page than the last – though, as I review my finished page, I’m noticing errors with lighting that I will have to remember as I proceed with the prologue’s creation. Prior to creating the backgrounds, I downloaded brushes from Deviantart user Velvetcat. I’ve realized that using custom brushes is helping my process immensely.

I also drew inspiration from one of my favourite digital artists, Tamberella, by adding a bounce light. I really admire how Tamber creates mood through careful colour/light placement. Essentially, I will be trying to focus more on mood/contrast/colour/lighting in my next pages!


Are Games In Classrooms Effective?

Because of my ECMP355 class, I’ve been thinking of classroom technologies quite often. You know – physical things like projectors, photocopiers, scanners, as well as softwares my teachers used. Some of my teachers were more interested in online stuff than others – I had a teacher who made us use twitter for a part of the class, and I remember her going over other softwares. Another teacher used several online resources and made them mandatory – online presentations, websites like Timetoast, and my english teacher used Super Text Twist – A game the whole class loved.

The first view of text twist.

The first view of text twist.

Out of all the things that were used in high school, I think the one I love the most was Text Twist. Most of my classmates did not enjoy reading, so English class was a bore. However, when my English teacher told us that “if we worked hard all week, we could play Super Text Twist for the last half an hour of Friday’s class.” I’ve never seen a class of students more diligent or enthusiastic about something.
I've completed this round!

I’ve completed this round!

My whole class loved the game; everyone would try to contribute by throwing words out, because we only had three rounds before she’d shut it off and we wanted to keep it going. The kids who were good at English were typically quiet people, but when they contributed the biggest word, everyone else applauded. It brought my whole class together in a way that wasn’t really accomplished in my other classes. In the end, I think our high score was something like 140,000. In my future endeavours, I will strongly consider buying the official “super text twist” version.

What are your opinions on games in the classroom? Do you have any favourites?