Prologue: Page Two

And suddenly, page two! We are introduced to a new character.

And suddenly, page two! We are introduced to a new character.

And then all of a sudden, page two is complete! I suppose I should pace myself more when creating these, but when it comes to my personal project, I enjoy it to a point where it is hard to stop myself. I’m finally becoming more comfortable with Photoshop! While the program has limitless possibilities, I was initially daunted by them all. Now, however, I feel as though I have a more focused aim when working with it, and I know what to do in order to achieve the look I want. During the creation of the second page, I tried to refine my ability by experimenting with bounce lighting, contrast, and colour theory/mood. I feel as though I was more successful with this page than the last – though, as I review my finished page, I’m noticing errors with lighting that I will have to remember as I proceed with the prologue’s creation. Prior to creating the backgrounds, I downloaded brushes from Deviantart user Velvetcat. I’ve realized that using custom brushes is helping my process immensely.

I also drew inspiration from one of my favourite digital artists, Tamberella, by adding a bounce light. I really admire how Tamber creates mood through careful colour/light placement. Essentially, I will be trying to focus more on mood/contrast/colour/lighting in my next pages!


Prologue: Page One

Here we are introduced to one of the main protagonists of my story.

Here we are introduced to one of the main protagonists of my story. Click the image to see it on my deviantart page in a bigger size!

And with this, my story is finally officially underway. I’ve been conceptualizing it for many, many years, though only recently have I really focused on the story and more formal elements. For the longest time, I couldn’t decide whether or not I would want to create a graphic novel or a written novel when creating my story. During my studies at University, however, I decided to do both. So, with this in mind, the prologue shall be done in graphic novel format. I feel that this choice will best reflect the story, and when the prologue is finished, hopefully you will agree. When initially viewing this page/the following pages, it will seem very vibrant and, at times, overcoloured. As well, there are no blips of text anywhere. Rest assured, these elements of design are intentional!

That’s all I can say at this point, however. I don’t want to spoil any plot elements! I am currently working on page two, and I’ll post it (along with more information) as soon as I can.

If you would like to watch me work on page two, click the following image to be taken to my livestream account!