Tech Task No. 3: Sext up Kids

This week, we were to watch two videos. One was a documentary about the “Sextortion” of Amanda Todd, and the other was called Sext Up Kids. Both were equally shocking, though I’m more moved by the Sext up Kids video. I never really noticed how sexualized women are, and now I find it difficult to look at a lot of things I did before without getting upset. (Makeup ads, anyone?) I find it really disappointing and depressing that modern societies accept the things covered in this video. But, what can be done to contain these damaging aspects as much as possible?

Every Canadian has to go to school, while they are young. Perhaps this is the best and only opportunity to educate children about the realities of sexuality. In my opinion, every child should have somewhere to turn to when they have a question – EVEN with a subject as “taboo” as sex. If a child can turn to an adult and receive a respectable answer, then they will be able to filter through the constant barrage of sexualized media that they will undoubtedly be faced with as they grow up.

My parents always provided me with honest answers, and I am a much better person from it. I realize that teachers face many different challenges and barriers when it comes to sensitive topics, but there has to be some sort of communication. As they say in the video, there is a “large elephant in the room” that needs to be talked about!

Do you think teachers/the education system should be where young children learn about sensitive topics?