Tech Task No. 10

After watching the Everything is a Remix series, I was and wasn’t shocked. To see that things we all know and love to really be just an accumulation of other things we might not notice is an interesting thought. In the video, they mention “genre” movies, and pointed out a couple of things that characters tend to do in said movies, like “Meet the Goddess”, or go to the “Belly of the Whale.” I find this interesting because I studied this exact guideline in another class.

I’m not really in tune to music like others might be, but even I notice similar beats once in awhile. It leads me to thinking – how far can copyright laws be pushed while still being considered legal? As someone who has posted artwork online, I often wonder about whether or not somebody is stealing my ideas and characters. How can I post things online without worrying about my art being stolen? I’m not sure if there really is a way. The Everything is a Remix series creates/provides a pretty good argument stating that everything is, in fact, just a massive remix.

What laws do you think should be made about the boundaries of copyright and remixing?