Teacher Portfolio

Here, I keep all of the documents pertaining to my personal teacher portfolio.

a) About Me – I provide a brief summary of who I am, including a synopsis of my family life, current education, and personal interests. For more information, or links to my other online accounts, you can click the image of me on the right sidebar.

b) Philosophy of Education – This opens to a page of I believe statements. These statements are constantly evolving as I grow as an educator, as I am constantly learning about education.

c) Professional Knowledge Writing Prompts – In one of my first education courses, I was asked to reflect on a few concepts. As my professional knowledge increases, I will discuss topics I am presented with.

d) Pre-Internship Field Experience – I discuss and reflect on my time in my first pre-internship field experience. To date, I have only been able to participate at the McLurg Public school in Regina, Saskatchewan. As I gain more experience, I will be updating with more in-depth reflections.

e) Growth Plan – I briefly discuss how I have developed professionally. I acknowledge both my first days studying pedagogy/education as well as my future as an educator.

f) Essays – Here is a collection of essays I have written concerning education. These were written during my enrollment in University.

g) Resume – I’ve attached a link to my regular, updated resume. It is password protected, so if you are interested in seeing it, send a request via email to shelby_schulze@hotmail.com.

More will be added over time.


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