Growth Plan


I knew next to nothing about pedagogy and/or teaching. I honestly had no idea how hard it was to manage a classroom, or how much work goes into each and every day. I was absolutely horrified of public speaking, and I had no confidence in myself. I had nearly no experience, other than my job at the Wynyardigans Daycare and in my family’s flower shop.

I am more aware of the tasks set ahead for teachers. I realize the importance and power within teaching; along with the responsibilities included. After going out and being in the field, I am much more excited about being in the classroom. I am interested in curriculum, and thinking of ways to apply it to my lessons and get my students to understand. I understand that I am shaping the future by teaching the students of today. It is an immense responsibility – but also an incredible privilege.

I want to gain more confidence in myself and my abilities. In order to manage a classroom properly, I need to be assertive and authoritative – even more than I am now. I want to be able to get over my fear of public speaking. Already, I can feel myself more at ease while being the focus of a large student body just from being exposed to that pressure while in my pre-internship field experience. I aim to understand the student body more so than I already do, and then help future students reach their full potential with my assistance. All this will take is experience in the field. I feel as though I will have a lot to offer to my students by the end of my time at the University of Regina.


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