Philosophy of Education

Here is a collection of my “I believe” statements. Since educators are learners, too, I am constantly evolving not only as a person but as a teacher. Therefore, these statements will be forever changing as I continue to experience and understand newer and more important concepts.

Photo Credit: ramnath bhat via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ramnath bhat via Compfight cc

I believe that students should be able to be in the classroom at all times.

I believe each child has ways of learning unique to them; not everything works the same for everybody.

I believe that, as a teacher, I should be able to connect to my students and form bonds of trust and respect.

I believe that students shouldn’t be singled out amongst their peers because of negative things.

I believe that all students have the ability to learn – be it in different ways and speeds.

I believe teachers need knowledge of self before they can truly reach their students.

I believe that teachers must understand their subjects deeply in order to teach it to others.

I believe that, though there is no accepted definition of “good” teaching, there are definite rights and wrongs that must be considered.

I believe that a person’s cultural background should not affect how he or she is treated in the classroom.

I believe that each branch of educational philosophy has valid ideals; one can’t simply choose one singular philosophy to follow and disregard the others.

I believe that Essentialism, however, is perhaps the most crucial of the branches of philosophy.

I believe that constructivism is perhaps the most important psychological orientation.

I believe that, while culture and identity are very important, they should not bias the core subject being taught.

I believe that the key elements of lessons should be powerful enough to remain with students for long after the lesson is complete.

I believe that students should be respected.

I believe that all subjects should be taught – including controversial ones like gender roles, how to respect differences, ect.

I believe that, while technology is important, lessons should be structured so that they can be used and completed in case of technological failure.

I believe that students should be able to voice their questions and opinions without fear of being judged or shut down.


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